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Hand Fans

Hand fans are not only ornamental, they also supply guests with a way to cool themselves while in a packed space or during sweltering days. These fans are an ideal method to offer keepsakes from the celebrations. Hand fans are an elegant way to add more accent color to any wedding. Elections can be promoted with logos and sayings by printing them onto the fans and handing them out to potential voters. Parades are a wonderful place to give out hand fans. Companies can utilize them as well for the same purpose. Awareness brings in sells and votes. Many styles are offered. These include paper, silk, nylon, sandalwood, wood panel, feathered, lace, and peacock cloth. They are all offered in numerous colors that will match any dress, party, or event. Unique designs are also available. They show a personalized style with an elegant way of keeping women cool. Our hand fans are extremely popular for weddings, parties, favor giveaways, and much more. Please visit some of our newest hand fan styles such as: pinwheel hand fans, lace fans, and our printed pattern hand fan section. (Click into each section to see available colors and styles of our hand fans.)


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