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Pattern 5 Point Star Lanterns

Star lanterns, star lamps are illuminated from within by a glowing light (up to 40W), and hang from a ceiling hook. The cutouts cast patterns on the walls and ceiling that really create a mood.

Lighting for any event, whether it be a wedding, holiday, or other celebration, can truly set the mood of an entire room. While there are many beautiful ways in which to light an event, Star Lanterns and Star Lamps offer a truly unique, revolutionary way to illuminate a room while setting a distinct mood for guests.

Asian Import Store is home to countless Pattern 5 Point Star Lanterns, all of which possess intricate patterns and beautiful cutouts that cast patterns on the walls of an event space. These Star Lanterns are akin to paper lanterns in that they are hung from hooks and illuminated with a light of your choosing up to 40 watts. However, the dual design potential offered by Star Lamps can create an unprecedented atmosphere in any space, making a wedding or party even more memorable.

Both striking in appearance and aesthetically beautiful in the lighting patterns that they create, you can rely upon Pattern 5 Point Star Lanterns from Asian Import Store to create an atmosphere unlike any that your guests have seen before.


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