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Fairy Wire String Lights (Battery Powered)

"LED fairy lights are some of our most popular decoration items. Whether you're celebrating a holiday, throwing a party, or hosting a wedding, these vibrant battery operated LED lights allow you to make your event truly dazzling. Our LED wire waterproof submersible lights give you endless decoration options both indoors or out, on dry land or in the water, and on small scales or large ones. Whether draped around other decorations, hung from the ceiling and walls, laid out on tables, or wrapped around trees and plants, these lights are sure to impress your guests. With our wide variety of colors, lengths, styles, and colors, you can decorate for any event-adding a touch of whimsy to a magical party, lighting up a night club or concert, or adding elegant grace to a wedding. In order to provide you with maximum flexibility, we offer light strings with both AC plugs and battery power, and we have many waterproof options. Our fairy lights go well with our other lighting options such as flameless candles or glowing orbs. Make your venue and event beautifully unique."