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Crepe Paper Lanterns

NEW! Textured Crepe Paper Lanterns in multiple sizes.
Crepe Paper is the newest trend in hanging globe lanterns! Made of multiple sheets of paper that have been glued and crinkled together in a crêping process to make tight folds, these Crepe Paper Lampshades are thicker, sturdier, and have a unique texture compared to regular Rice Paper Lanterns. Crepe paper decorations are already produced in tassels, streamers, and table runners, so now you can make a cohesive look by adding in these decorative white lanterns for your lighting and décor needs. Hang around your home, use in your anniversaries, birthday parties or for Wedding decorations. Add Lighting Kits & Cords to create a budget-friendly DIY Crepe Paper Lamp that can be hung most anywhere.


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