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Silk Wedding Fans

Our silk wedding fans are available in an array of colors. Beautifully hand crafted from silk and bamboo, these hand fans will make any wedding or party a memorable one.

Figuring out the perfect wedding gift for guests can be difficult. With people of all different ages and with drastically different preferences, this task may seem even more challenging. However, one of the best gifts to give is one that is of immediate use, especially during a ceremony. All of these reasons and more make Silk Wedding Fans a must for almost any wedding as a memorable, functional gift for all of our guests.

Whether a wedding is being held inside or outdoors, it is no secret that hundreds of bodies in one room together can turn up the temperature. When you purchase handcrafted Silk Wedding Fans from the Asian Import Store, you can rest assured that you're not only giving your guests the perfect gift, but you're also giving them one that they can make immediate use of. Our fans are available in a beautiful assortment of vibrant colors, all of which are made entirely from silk and bamboo. For a party favor that does its job in more ways than one, turn to high-quality, beautiful Silk Wedding Fans from the Asian Import Store.


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