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Lighting Accessories

This section contains all our electrical wiring for paper lanterns. Use standard cord kits, string lights kits, battery terminals, patio string lights, double or triple socket cords. While many individuals who are planning major events consider the size, shape, and design of all of the paper lanterns being used to create the perfect atmosphere, lighting is often an afterthought. However, lighting is the most important component when using paper lanterns for decorative purposes at weddings, celebrations, or other special occasions. Asian Import Store offers numerous types of cord kits and bulbs for all of your needs. Whether you are planning on lighting just one lantern, or hundreds of lanterns, we have the solution for whatever you may require. We offer standard cord kits in multiple colors and lengths, including string lights kits, battery terminals, patio string lights, and up to 50 socket cord kits. We also offer light bulbs and LED battery operated devices if you're not planning on using cord kits. Because some of our lights have various battery terminals, you should consider which one will best meet your needs before making a selection. Regardless of how you're planning on lighting up your event, Asian Import Store has all of the cord kits and bulbs that you need to transform your event into an awe-inspiring display of magnificent paper lanterns.


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