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Mason Jar Lights

So you have a great idea and want to figure out how to decorate your party, wedding, or outdoor function, when a stroke of brilliance hits you: Mason jars. While these glass jars have always been a staple around the home for their utility, they are become an exciting and popular item for interior and outside decor. Our line of solar powered Mason jar lights offer you the freedom of creativity to add a light feature to your event with ease. Most commonly used for center pieces, path lighting, floral decorations, or a hanging light feature, feel free to place your items inside, on, or around the jar, and the solar light will illuminate your glass feature.

Place these in the sun and the solar panel will fully charge the built-in battery core during the day, and when the sun goes down, the high efficiency LED light will turn your daytime decorations into illuminated masterpieces. We sell these lights with or without the jar included, and designed to fit a standard wide mouth Mason jar.


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