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Lace Hand Fans

Hand fans serve multiple purposes for many different events. They can provide a simple solution to excruciatingly warm summer weddings, or serve as a piece of memorabilia for almost any another celebration. While there are many different types of hand fans available, none can quite match the elegance and beauty of Lace Hand Fans from the Asian Import Store.

Available in three different colors, our Lace Hand Fans are of unparalleled quality and superiority. This is primarily because they are carefully handcrafted on bamboo frames and completed with intricate lace details. The crowning glory of each Lace Hand Fan is its matching tassel, only elevating the fan to a whole new level.

If you're searching for a picturesque and beautiful hand fan, you can be confident that Lace Hand Fans from the Asian Import Store will greatly exceed your expectations. With a large design and great attention to detail, these hand fans will have all of your guests truly elated with their gifts or your decor selection.


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