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10" Gold Yellow Traditional Nylon Chinese Lantern w/Tassel

This is our 10" gold yellow traditional nylon lantern with tassels, please check out our traditional lanterns in paper as well. Lantern is held open with a wire expander insert (included) to keep the lantern open. On top of the wire expander, there is a "S" shaped hook for you to hang the lantern from either a electrical cord kit or fishing line.

If you choose to light your nylon lantern, you can light this nylon lantern with one of our electrical socket cord kits or LED battery operated terminal for lanterns. Lit or not, this traditional nylon lantern w/ tassels is beautiful and will make a great decor in any occasion.

Dimensions: 10"D

(Please note: All lanterns sold without lighting, lighting options must be purchased separately)


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