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Chinese / Lunar New Year

As you can imagine, AsiaImportStoreStore offers no shortage of Chinese New Year lanterns, and an array of other supplies perfect for the occasion. For example, it's traditional for the Chinese to decorate windows and doors with red paper, featuring themes of happiness, good fortune, longevity, and more. That's why we offer a host of Chinese New Year red paper lanterns. Our paper lantern selection extends from red to traditional paper or nylon to Vietnamese silk, plus various lights and accessories. You'll find lanterns of every shape and size. Styles run from pom pom and accordion to star shape and animal face. In short, you will never have to resort to any Chinese New Year decoration DIY when you have AsiaImportStoreStore offering this kind of product line. Also, we assure the very best prices and a fast order turnaround time. We make it obvious that you can never go wrong ordering monkey party decorations from AsiaImportStoreStore.


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