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BLOWOUT (100 PACK) St. Patrick's Day Glitter Gold and Green Shamrock Garland Banner (9.5FT)

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Our Green and Gold Clover Banner Garland will make the perfect decorations for your St. Patrick's Day Party! Bunting banners have been popular and trending for parties, weddings, indoor and outdoor decoration for a period of time now. These great decorations are here to stay and will make a great decorating item for any occasion. This garland includes 30x Green and Gold glitter clovers strung along a think fishing line. Each glitter clover is double-sided and measures about 3 inches in diameter. Product Specifications: # of Clovers: 30x Glitter Clovers (15x Gold + 15x Green). Clover Size: ~3" in diametere Total Length: 9.5 Feet


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