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BLOWOUT (20 PACK) Tissue Paper Tassel Garland Set - Bling, 16 Tassels Per Strand

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20-Pack of Tissue Paper Tassel Garland Set- Bling (Pre-Assembled, Set of 16). Create your own tissue paper tassel garland with our hassle-free tassels! This set includes Silver, White, Ivory & Gold Foil tassels. Unlike others on the market, our tassels are pre-assembled and ready to string! Each pack includes 16 pre-made tassels, each measuring 12 inches in length, and a 9 foot length of 1/4 inch white satin ribbon to create your own garland. Simply string the tassels on in which order you like the best and hang for a festive look! Our tissue paper tassels are popular for wedding decorations, birthday parties, baby showers and nurseries or anywhere you need a little flair! Choose from 9 signature color sets. Mix and match them with our matching color paper lanterns and tissue pom poms for extra flair!


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