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BLOWOUT (50 PACK) 8" Gold Mosaic Tiles Acrylic Arts and Crafts Mirror Mat, Square w/ Adhesive Backing

Our 8" Gold Mosaic Tile Mirror Mat is truly versitile. Pefect for your Wedding, celebration or dinner party, our mats can be placed under your table centerpieces, under tea light candles, attached to tables, walls and floors or even broken apart where you can customize a design idea with the individual tiles and create a mosaic candle. It comes with adhesive backing allowing you to attach it to any surfaces and you can cut these placemats to smaller pieces depending on your needs and event decorations.

This placemat will look gorgeous with our Chevron Table Runners, Organza Table Runners, and Sequin Table Runners

- Rigid sheet - can be snapped into individual squares.
- Gold color.
- Tiles made of acrylic.
- Adhesive backing.
- Attach to Walls, Cylinders, Vases, and more.
- 8"W x 8"H.


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