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BLOWOUT (20 PACK) Fantado Wide Mouth Mason Jar Pendant Light Cord Kit Lid (White, Lid Only)

Product Specifications:

Type of Lid: Screw-On Wide Mouth Lid for Wide Mouth Mason Jars.
Size of Jar Mouth: Wide Mouth ~ 3.5 inches.
Size of Hole: 1.6 inches.
Lid Color:White.
Supported Pendant Light Cords:
- 11FT White (11UL1SC-WH)
- 15FT White (15UL1SC-WH)
- 11FT Black (11UL1SC-BK)
- 15FT Black (15UL1SC-BK)
- 11FT Clear (11UL1SC-CL)
- 15FT Clear (15UL1SC-CL)
- 19FT Triple Socket White (19UL3SC-WH)
- 19FT Triple Socket Black (19UL3SC-BK)


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