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Large RGB (Color Changing) Flameless LED Battery Operated Candle (12 PACK)

This set of 12 flameless LED battery operated candles offer super efficient lights. Candle comes with a replaceable lithium battery AG10. LED flameless tea light candle lasts for 24+ hours. Includes a On/Off switch for easy use. Completely safe, no flame. Offers a flickering candle light which mimics a real candle.

This candle set has a RGB (color changing) flame. Each candle set is white, but the flame changes colors every 5-7 seconds.

Can be hung upside down in lanterns to create a candle light in the paper lanterns. But, you would have to tie the candle with a fishing line from the hook that is inside the lantern to the end of the candle.

Perfect for any event and would add aesthetic value to your candle decorations.

Candle Dimensions: 1.5" Width x 1.5"Height (Including Flame Tip will make it 2" Tall)
Color: RGB Color Changing
Quantity: 12 Pack


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