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12 Inch Hang On Bulb Wire Frame Expanders for Paper Lanterns - Pack of 6

This 6-pack of paper lantern wire expander hangers are specially designed to work with Quasimoon 12 inch paper and nylon lanterns in the EVP and IRR product lines (12EVP-XX, 10IRR-XX, 12PAT-XX). Featuring our special Hang-On Bulb mounting method, these expanders will allow you to easily hang your paper lanterns directly onto a standard household A-Style, Globe, Sign, or similar sized light bulbs. Adjustable height positioning allows for maximum compatibility with all kinds of ceiling light fixtures, pendant lamp cord sockets, and string lights.

Product Specifications:
Compatible Lantern Size: 12 inch Quasimoon Paper and Nylon Lanterns
Compatible Light Fixtures: Our hanger's exclusive adjustable design allows for support of all kinds of ceiling light fixtures, pendant cord lamps, and string lights.
What's Included?:
6x Adjustable Hang-On Bulb Wire Expanders
12x Clips

*Please note these are not for unique-shaped lanterns


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