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(Discontinued) 32" Gigantic Ultra Color Changing Waterproof Floating LED Rainbow Orb

This 32" gigantic rainbow orb is made of hard white acrylic material, this orb features our color changing option with flash motion, strobe mode, fade mode, or smooth mode. You can also pick the color you like from the remote control and freeze the orb at the specific color. New remote includes the White color and a brightness feature. This orb comes with a handy remote control, use the remote to control the functions of the orb. Float it in a swimming pool, or use as a stationary prop on a pedestal or anywhere in a room. Ideal for event planners, pool parties, night club, concerts, and more.

Completely waterproof and comes with a plug in recharger. One remote control can control multiple orbs in a pool or event setting. All orbs run on the same signal, this allows for easier convenience of controlling all the orbs.

Go extreme, go large. This is an extremely large rainbow orb. Use in large functions or large pools. This amazing item will be the ultimate prop for any event or function.

Please note: Item ships on a pallet!

Unit Features:

- 32"D


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