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BLOWOUT 25FT SJTW Extension Cord for Outdoor Commercial String Light, White 3 Wire Cord, 16AWG, 1250 Watts

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Fantado Commercial Grade Quality
Our new high-quality outdoor string lights are made for looks and are made to survive the elements:
  • Conforms to SJTW standard - Round hard service cord. Thermoplastic constructed jacket. 300 volt, weather resistant for outdoor use.
  • PVC socket forms a tight weatherproof seal around the bulb.
  • Extension socket has a weatherproof end-cap.
  • Each socket has its own secure hanging hook/hole.
  • 16 AWG - Thick Gauge Wire.
  • UL Listed for Canada and USA.
Product Specifications:
Cord Length: 25FT
Cord Rating: SJTW Cord - Certified for Outdoor Use and All Weather Approved.
Cord Color: Black or White
Suitable Environment: Indoor / Outdoor (Commercial Quality - Great For Permanent Installation)
Power Connection:AC Plug-In
Wire Gauge: 16 Gauge
WeatherProof?: Yes, Rain Resistant.
Amp: 10
Voltage: 125V
UL Listed:


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