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(Discontinued) Fantado MoonBright™ BULK PACK (6) 12-LED Super Bright Cube Lights for Lanterns, Cool White (Battery Powered)

Our U.S.A. patented Fantado MoonBright™ Paper Lantern Lights are designed to be the best solutions for your Paper Lanterns!
This LED battery powered "cube light" comes with 12 super efficient LED bulbs. Each terminal comes with replaceable CR2032 battery. LED terminals lasts for at least 12 hours. Includes a On/Off switch for easy use.

Also includes a 10" flexible cord for hanging. This unit is 1"W x 1"L, it can power all of our lanterns from 8" to 36" in diameter. This LED battery operated unit is small, so it can fit in many types of lanterns, very durable for multi use.

Product Specifications:

Bulbs: 12 LED Super Efficient Bulbs (included)
Battery: CR2032 (included)
Cord for Hanging: (included)
Dimensions: 1"W x 1"L
Burn Time: 12+ Hours
Bulb Color: White
Illuminates all our lanterns from 8" to 36".

*Exclusively Patented Design (US Patent No. D633.239S) - Please watch out for fakes and counterfeit Lantern Lights sold by others. These counterfeits are not bright and may not fit your paper lanterns correctly.


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