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33 FT | 100 LED Warm White Waterproof Copper Wire Micro Fairy String Lights with AC Plug-In Power

AsianImportStore's 100% Waterproof Warm White LED micro fairy lights with Copper Wire are the best waterproof lights available for Wedding Receptions and Holiday Dinner Parties! Being waterproof, these are versatile lighting solutions for your even your pool party or wet outdoor event. They are made of thin copper micro strand light wire and can bent into desired shapes like coils or balls, or they can simply take the shape of the vase or container you put them into. Our Starry String Lights are ready out of the box if you want to submerge them under water in a vase for a dazzling centerpiece, layer them behind sheer fabric, or simply hang our fairy lights above your guests.

Each string of Warm White LED submersible lights gives the soft Amber illumination and is 33-feet long and powered by plugin it into a 2-prong wall socket. These light-emitting diodes are an excellent way to set your celebration apart, especially when combined with our other decorations such as floating orbs, paper lanterns, colorful tablecloths, or flameless LED candles.

Product Specifications:

Power Source: AC Plug-In.
Color: Warm White LED with Copper Wire.
Wire Length: 33 Feet. (Length includes 6.8 ft (82") of lead wire)
LED Lights: 100 Lights.
Light spacing: 4 inches.
Waterproof?: Yes.


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