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S Style Sign Bulb String Lights - S14 ST40

Whether you are looking for an S14 for sale, an ST40 or a variety of other bulbs, we can provide fair prices and fast shipping. You will find a variety of bulb styles and colors, including clear, spiral and mercury gold. We also carry cords of different colors, helping these light strings blend in with their background. Pick among black, white, brown or green cords. Many lengths are available, running from 10 feet to 54 feet, so you are sure to find exactly the right length for your project. Use these commercial-grade light stringers for outdoor seating at a cafe or bistro or other business enterprises. They also will light up any social event, such as weddings and dances. These sparkly lights also brighten up a patio and many other places at home. String these lovely lights by themselves or for extra design flair, include some of our gorgeous paper lanterns with them.


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