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Accordion Paper Balls

Even if you have never actually seen a musician play an accordion in person, you probably know from movies and TV shows how a feisty accordion player can enliven any stage or party playing this old-fashioned musical instrument. It is just the same with the Accordion Paper Lantern Balls from the AsiaImportStoreStore. With their rich textures and appealing colors, our accordion lanterns will liven up any get-together and create lasting memories.

Use these accordion lanterns for office parties, birthday bashes, bridal and baby showers, wedding events-it really doesn't matter. Our accordion paper lanterns will add visual interest and fun to your social gathering and draw plenty of compliments.

Pick from a wide range of colors to match any design theme or color palette. We carry accordion lanterns in basic colors such as white, red and pink for traditional style, but you will also find more daring colors, such as lavender and turquoise. Use our gold or silver accordion lanterns to celebrate anniversaries and other special events.

We offer a choice of sizes too. Go with our 8-inch accordion lanterns, or to make a really big splash, choose our 12-inch accordion lanterns.

You can use each accordion as is or light it up with one of our battery-operated terminals, sold separately. Choose from terminals with manual on/off switches or, for even more convenience, opt for our wireless terminals that you can operate with a remote control.

We sell these lovely lanterns in economical three-packs. They ship flat. When you receive them, simply unfold them to create decorative paper balls for your place or your party. Hang them with string, ribbon or fishing line anywhere you like to create an unforgettable effect.


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