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(Discontinued) 6 Pack | Vintage Hobnail Glass Candle Holder (2.25-Inches, Candace Design, Fuchsia / Hot Pink) - For Use with Tea Lights - For Home Decor, Parties and Wedding Decorations

Beautifully-Designed Vintage Glass Votive or Tea Light Candle Holder 
This 2.25” x 2.5” set of candle holders with hobnail design is ideal for use with tea lights and can also work to hold votive candles, decorative pebbles, or flowers for everyday use or special occasions. It is the perfect, practical gift that instantly adds a touch of elegance to any room or party! 

No matter what kind or color of candles, flowers or items you put in it, this clear glass candle holder can both stand out or blend in! Its color offerings complement any theme or color scheme, so you can decorate away with ease! 

Event planners use our candle holders as venue decorations and party table centerpieces. Our glass candle holders' shimmer makes each lit candle appear more exquisite, giving every wedding, party, or event a more relaxing & sophisticated atmosphere 

Want to add a romantic vibe to your dining room, bedroom, or living room? Place our affordable candle holders as table decor or centerpiece, a vase for flowers, or to hold & light your favorite candles in any room 

Design:Candace Hobnail Design 
Color:Fuchsia Pink 
Quantity: Set of 6 
Material: Glass 
Dimensions: 2.25-inch diameter x 2.5-inch height 
Also Available in:Clear, Cobalt Blue, Chartreuse Green, Purple, Gold, Mangor Orange, Light Purple, Silver, Vintage Green, Rose Gold Pink, Rustic Copper Red & Antique White


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