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(Discontinued) MoonBright™ BULK PACK (10) Single Bulb Hanging Lights for Lanterns, White (Battery Powered)

Our Fantado MoonBright™ Paper Lantern Lights are designed to be the best solutions for your Paper Lanterns!
Hang a paper lantern, and you've generated the staple of elegance, design, and fun for your party or interior design. Illuminate that same lantern, and now you've added mystique with the instant ambiance that accompanies the charm of a glowing orb. Perfect for quickly and easily adding light to our lanterns, our hanging battery-operated light terminal allows you to take your festivities from night to light.

This hanging battery terminal is a versatile, inexpensive option for adding light to any of our hanging lanterns 12" and larger. Powered by two AA batteries, the incandescent bulb easily illuminates the largest lantern with a soft glow, allowing for uninterrupted light for 5-7 hours. It hangs easily into all our lanterns, either by its attached string, or fastened to the lantern's metal expander using the light's attached clip. Intended for easy use, hang several lights and lanterns ahead-of-time and simply flip the on/off switch when you're ready for light. For extended use, batteries are quick and easy to swap-out, so you can keep the night going as long as you want it.

Included: terminal, string, and bulb


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