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BLOWOUT (100 PACK) Cool Mint Green Silk Rose Petals Confetti for Weddings in Bulk

Small décor details such as silk rose petals can really make or break the success of party or wedding decorations. They may seem insignificant, but your guests will notice. Order a batch of cool mint green silk rose petal confetti for your wedding. Spread these silk rose petals on tables, on the aisle before you walk down it and let your guests throw it over you as you leave the reception. You can also float them in bowls of water with floating flameless candles. Each pack contains 270 to 300 petals, which should give you plenty to work with.

We also suggest that you use the cool mint green silk rose petal confetti from the AsianImportStore to create a DIY rose petal lantern. All you need is a paper lantern, the silk rose petals and some scotch tape. Choose whichever paper lantern size and color that works best for you. Then layer your silk rose petal confetti onto the lantern and secure each piece with scotch tape. The result is a unique lantern that is covered in beautiful silk flower petals.


Approximate Petals per Pack: 270 - 300 Petals

Dimensions: 1 3/4" x 2"

Material: Fabric

Color: Cool Mint


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