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(Discontinued) BULK PACK (6) "Budget Friendly" Single LED Lights for Paper Lanterns

It's tiny, it's cute, it's fun: it's our small LED light. When your inner-designer leads you to put out a small accent lantern and it's begging for a pop of color and glow, our single LED light answers the call. Coming in at a paltry 2 inches long, this light is the perfect addition to our smallest hanging lanterns (up to 10" ideal), where a bit of warming light adds so much.

Put this light into one of our white lanterns to add a soft, mystic azure. Or hang it inside a colored lantern to highlight the hue. As easy to operate as it is charming, the "budget friendly" light comes ready to go, with its included battery powering the high-efficient LED light for over 8 hours of continued use. Using its incorporated key ring, you can hang this light easily from any of our variety of lanterns without hassle. But don't stop there: let your creativity guide its use. Hang it from a lantern, put it in a jar, or use its key chain to hang it from (dare we say?) your keys.

Bulbs: 1 LED Super Efficient Bulbs (included)
Battery: Included
Cord for Hanging: Key Ring
Dimensions: 1"W x 2"L
Burn Time: 8+ Hours

Illuminates all our lanterns from 6" to 10".


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