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Waterproof Floating LED Rainbow Orbs

Our color changing rainbow LED orbs & cubes are sure to catch the eye. These dazzling lights are an unconventional decor choice that will wow guests, light up your space, and turn any event into a rainbow wonderland.

These waterproof LED cubes, spheres, teardrops, ovals, and cone shaped orbs are made of hard white acrylic and come in a wide range of sizes. With remote control ability and a variety of color changing options, including flash motion, strobe mode, fade mode, or smooth mode, these decorations are an easy way to spice up an area.

Perfect for night clubs, concerts, pool parties, and other exciting events, these orbs can be hung from the ceiling, used as unique centerpieces, or even floated in a pond or pool. Our glowing LED orbs are waterproof and easy to recharge, ensuring that you can reuse them again and again for a variety of functions.

If you're seeking decorating ideas, then these orbs work well with our disco mirror balls, LED ropes and tubes, and other decor such as balloons and tablecloths. You can turn any event into a trendy party by adding these color changing LED orbs-check out our selection below.


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