G Style Globe Bulb String Lights - G40, G50

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Paper Lantern Store carries a large variety of globe string lights. Our popular Globe G40 and G50 light strings are available with different cord and bulb colors as well as in different lengths. Easily decorate any outdoor or indoor space for entertaining with our bistro cafe-style globe light strings. Globe string lights are the perfect year- round lighting for your backyard, patios, party tents and to illuminate your paper lanterns.

Our line of Globe G40 and G50 umbrella string lights are perfect for patio umbrella lighting or tent lighting. String these globe string lights anywhere to create a functional and serviceable atmosphere. Whether you string these lights indoors or outdoors, our globe string lights will set the mood for any type of environment.

Offered in 10 sockets, 25 sockets, or 50 sockets, these globe stringers come in different colors and different spacing between the bulbs. These stringers can be used by themselves to serve as a functional light string, or you can add some round paper lanterns on these stringers to create a fun party like atmosphere. Choose from our great selection of patio string lights offered at a competitive price.

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