El Wire Lights (Electroluminescent Lights)

These El Wire Lights offer an electrifying way to brighten any event. Due to the variety of color, there are lights to match any theme. Since they are made with wire, they are extremely flexible. This means that they can be manipulated into any shape that is needed. The Centerpieces are more brilliant when a wire light is added for effect. They can be wrapped around a vase, through the flowers, around candle holders, and more. The possibilities of decorating with these type of lights are abundant when imagination is used.

Create a bright atmosphere that also offers a glowing affect for any themed party. Holidays, weddings, and birthday parties typically use accent lighting. These lights do not have to plug into an outlet, which makes them perfect for outside use. These are amazing even when there is no event that calls for a celebration. They can be used during barbeques, used as night lights, and even for night time slumber parties.