Disco Mirror Balls

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Disco Mirror Balls
As an iconic party decoration, Disco Mirror Balls are truly in a league of their own. As one of the most distinctive items used throughout countless decades at innumerable celebrations, it is no surprise that even today they are incorporated into use at weddings, concerts, parties, or many other important celebrations.

The Asian Import Store has everything that you may need and more when it comes to Disco Mirror Balls. Whether you're looking for a traditional ball to illuminate the dance floor or if you want to incorporate the recognizable design in more innovative ways, you can do so through our store.

Are you looking for a new centerpiece that is sure to make a statement? Do you want to deck out cylinders, vases, or other surfaces? You're in luck when you shop at the Asian Import Store. We have traditional disco balls available in numerous colors and sizes ranging from 8" to 40". We even have half Disco Mirror Balls for use as centerpieces to incorporate this timeless design in more ways than one.

For a new twist on a classic, or the iconic item itself, turn to Asian Import Store for high-quality Disco Mirror Balls and a large selection.